In our current post-pandemic world, more people than ever are working remotely and leading lives that are more flexible, slow-paced, and simplistic.

This, paired with the ever-increasing cost of living in the city, has meant that huge amounts of people are choosing to uproot and move to the countryside in favour of a greener, quieter, and more relaxed way of living. While some opt for a life in the grassy fields, forests, and mountains, moving to a small town is the perfect “in-between” for families who want to move out of the city but aren’t totally willing to give up the convenience of being close to amenities! With an employment rate of 92% and young population of 49% under-35s*, Laois is becoming an ever-popular place for young professionals, families, and individuals to relocate to, especially the bustling and friendly town of Portlaoise.

If you’re thinking about making the move to Portalaois, here’s what to expect and how to prepare.

Why Portlaoise?

Located only an hour’s drive from Dublin, Portlaoise is a beautiful and historic town boasting a range of cafés, restaurants, shops, pubs, and historic landmarks. With a young population and a milieu of primary and secondary schools in the town and surrounding areas, Portlaoise blends the quietness of the countryside with the convenience of living in a town that has all you could need. Unlike the capital, where rising rents are pushing many out of the city, Portlaoise is a more affordable place to live that still offers plenty of recreational spaces and fun things to do. From ancient Iron Age ring forts and the stunning ancient ruins of Dunamase Castle to Dunamaise Arts Centre, there’s something for all ages and interests in this fantastic little town.

Choosing to Buy or Rent

After making the decision to move to Portlaoise, it’s important to consider whether you want to buy a house or rent. This will vary from person to person and family to family, with things like cost, duration of stay, and location all factoring into the decision. Generally speaking, both renting and buying in Portlaoise s more are affordable than doing so in the city, which is a massive bonus for many people. In recent years, city renters have moved to Portlaoise specifically to buy a house or apartment, citing more affordable house prices, greater property supply, and lower cost of living as the reasons. Either way, there’s a housing solution for everyone, to suit all budgets, in the Portlaoise area and surrounds.

Contact an Estate Agent

Moving from one place to another can be stressful at the best of times, especially when you’re moving to a different county or making the move from renting to buying. No matter what your situation, hiring the help of an estate agent to help with the move is always a good idea. Not only does an estate agent have an immediate portfolio of on-market and off-market properties available to consider, but they are experts on the town in question and can answer any questions you have regarding location, amenities, budgeting, etc. At Property Properly, we have helped countless individuals, couples, friends, and families move to Portlaoise, helping them with our extensive range of houses and apartments to rent, houses and apartments to buy, and even our commercial lettings and sales.

Plan Your Future!

Whether you plan on settling in Portlaoise for the rest of your life or just want to rent a property for a few months before moving elsewhere, getting settled in and planning your future is a must. From finding the perfect school for your little ones to planning that new business opportunity with our range of commercial property lettings, Property Properly can help you establish yourself in Portlaoise in a stress-free, exciting, and professional manner. Why not get in touch today and start planning your next move?

*Info got from 2020