Whether you’re a new business owner or manage a long-established company, renting a new commercial space can be a daunting and stressful experience.

From choosing a location to making sure your new space is fully equipped for your team and clients, finding a new office, retail, or commercial space is time-consuming and requires patience and attention to detail. That being said, with the help of a team of professional estate agents, finding your perfect commercial space can be rewarding, too. Here, Property Properly’s team of Portlaoise estate agents will run through some vital questions to ask before renting a commercial space.

What Does The Cost of Rent Include?

One of the most important things to consider before renting a commercial property is to understand the exact monthly cost of the space. While most commercial spaces include maintenance, electricity, and amenities such as broadband and A/C in the price of rent, this is not always the case. Before signing a lease on a seemingly “too good to be true” commercial space, ensure that you understand the exact cost of rent each month and what this rent includes. This can save you costly overhead bills in the long run or can allow you to factor these into your company’s budget year on year. At Property Properly, we will always ensure to be transparent about the rent of any commercial property we lease for your peace of mind and accurate financial planning.

Are Refurbishments and Improvements Allowed?

While most commercial spaces come fully equipped for their designated purpose, many managers and teams will want to refurbish or decorate the space to include more storage, additional technology, or simply some personal décor pieces to increase company branding in the space. If you intend to redecorate or refurbish your commercial space, it’s important to “OK” this with the landlord and/or estate agent beforehand to avoid any conflict in future. It can also be helpful to ask whether the cost of property improvements can be taken out of your rent. Some landlords appreciate these improvements and are willing to pay for them as they add value to the property and can make the space look better in general.

Is the Unit Managed By On-Site Maintenance?

If you’re planning to rent any type of commercial space; from an office to a shop and everything in between, it can be helpful to know whether the unit is managed by on-site maintenance. This is especially applicable to units in an industrial estate, office block, or shopping centre. Many of these larger properties will have their own maintenance contractors, security personnel, and cleaners, saving you money on these services in the long run and making it easier to maintain your space. This is an added bonus to renting commercial property in an existing unit and is something that many prospective companies will look for when choosing to rent.

What Amenities are Nearby?

Knowing what amenities are located near your future commercial property is key to understanding the type of customer base you will be attracting and/or the type of work life that your colleagues will have when based in your rented commercial property. Before signing the lease on any commercial property, we recommend spending some time in the local area to get a feel for the type of amenities available and to see if the location suits your company’s unique ethos. Another thing to note is that having amenities available such as cafes, restaurants, and walkways can be a massive selling factor for potential employees and can, in the long run, help your company grow.

How Accessible is the Space for Clients & Colleagues?

While renting a beautiful commercial space is enticing, it’s not worth it if it’s not accessible to colleagues and clients. Similar to the importance of making sure that your property is located somewhere with ample amenities, having an accessible commercial property is vital. Accessibility is unique to each property, but at the very least your commercial space should be wheelchair accessible and should also have parking available on-site or somewhere nearby. This makes it easier for colleagues, customers, and clients to visit you and will aid growth in the long run.

As a team of Portlaoise estate agents who have helped a number of clients find commercial properties including shops and offices to rent in Portlaoise and Beyond, Property Properly is a wealth of information when it comes to finding the perfect commercial property for you. When will you make the move?