Since 2020, Portlaoise has witnessed changes in response to the rising population. The government has spearheaded new infrastructure with the creation of roads and top-tier train stations. Kiernan (2023) alludes that the town is a central location that can serve various road networks nationwide. The local railway station has been expanded to serve intercity trains between Cork and Dublin.

Moreover, the county council recently announced the creation of the Portlaoise Innovation Centre Designated Activity Company (The Cube, 2023). This company focuses on facilitating economic growth, education, and innovation. It pools resources from strategic partners such as Vodafone, all committed to improving the town’s quality and standards of living.

Why is it worth buying a house in Portlaoise?

The real estate market in Portlaoise is still in its infancy stage, which means that the houses are affordable. Compared to cities like Dublin, the town’s housing prices are relatively lower, with the homeowners getting more value for their money. In Dublin, a house goes for roughly 500,000 euros, while Portlaoise’s falls between 165,000 and 400,000 (Surve, 2022).

The second reason why one should buy a house in the area is its central location and accessibility. It is found in the middle of the nation with available roads and transportation modes (Connect 2 Laois, 2023). A person can work in Dublin and yet be able to travel home to Portlaoise without any hassles whatsoever. There is an average commute time of 60 minutes, with locals gaining access to institutions like Maynooth University.


In due summation, Portlaise is the best place to live for a person avoiding the buzz and traffic of the urban cities. The area is growing at a substantial rate compared to other towns. Futuristic estimates show that housing prices are likely to increase but at a rate concomitant with the average household income. Regardless, the investments made by the city into infrastructure will turn it into a key force to reckon with.



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